Want Us To Review Your Music?

Want Us To Review Your Music?

Here at Indie Minded, we receive hundreds of requests a week from indie bands such as yourself, to write reviews on EPs and/or CDs.

Due to lack of staff and sheer volume of feature requests, we’ve had to decline in the past. You spoke, and we saw that this was a need that was in high demand, so we’ve decided to offer this service to indie bands and musicians.

To do this, we’ll be tapping into our list of freelance writers who will take the time to sit down and listen to your EP or CD, write a solid review of it, and then we will publish it on here Indie Minded. Additionally, we will tweet it out randomly over the span of three months.

We will include all of your social media links in the review, and also a link to purchase your CD (if applicable).

The cost for this service will be $40USD for a full length CD and $25USD for EPs, which will cover the time it takes for the freelancer to listen and write up the review.

If interested, simply email us here: features@indieminded.com

Twitter numbers:

@IndieMnded: 12,057

@IndieMurphy: 8,434

We have a weekly reach of (between accounts) (including mentions and retweets): 1 MILLION+ (source: SumAll)




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